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Here are some reviews and articles about our costuming and design:

Artist Spotlight: Kim Brown

From a Critical Review of The Liar by Pittsburgh in the Round, Cayleigh Boniger

“Gianni Downs’s scenic design, Kim Brown’s costuming, and Johnmichael Bohach’s props all work together to convey just enough of a sense of seventeenth century Paris to ground the setting (intricate scrollwork, shoulder capes and rapiers, elegant furniture), and yet tweak these styles to make the production contemporary and playful.  … Brown’s costuming is tailored to each character.  Dorante is outfitted in an orange-peach color (perhaps as a wink and nudge to the Donald) with lace cuffs, setting him apart and lending him the air of a dandy. Cliton’s beggarly lifestyle is evidenced in his worn out jeans and a dirtied shirt.  Clarice and Lucrece at the start of the play are made the yin and yang of each other, the outgoing Clarice in a white gown with a black fan, and the introverted Lucrece in a darker gown with a white fan, a clever choice since the women are almost opposites in personality.  The various touches of anachronism onstage, like the jeans or the metallic pink of Clarice’s furniture, suit the anachronisms flying about in verse.”

From Pittsburgh in the Round’s review of Three Days in the Country by George Hoover

“Kim Brown’s costumes feel just perfect for the period and the social classes of the players. “

Prime Stage’s Production of The Giver as reviewed by Yvone Hudson, Pittsburgh in the Round

“Sameness” is required and everyone dresses in identical and comfortable grey jackets and pants, here designed by Kim Brown.

Screenshot (51)
Jonas, portrayed by Will Sendera (right), and the Giver, played by Ken Lutz (left)From the review of Grease, Pittsburgh in the Round, Drake Ma
“Ms. Kim Brown once again wowed the Pittsburgh audience with costumes that stole the spotlight.”
From the review of Sister Act, Pittsburgh in the Round, Drake Ma‘And Ms. Kim Brown and her Spotlight Costumes team wowed the audience by pulling a “William Ivey Long” with a double breakaway and once again proved that her seasonal collaboration with PMT production is truly a “blessing to our show”.’Saturday Night Fever, Pittsburgh in the Round, Drake Ma

The design team is easily the biggest highlight of the entire production. Ms. Kim Brown with Spotlight Costumes once again captured the diversity of the story and the essence of that generation by giving us another visual feast of sparkles and retro memories

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