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Spotlight Costumes, LLC
1503 E. Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203


Item SKU No. Description Price Order
Custom Flat Brushes
Expertly blend Cremes, MagiCake Aqua Paint and Lumière Grande Colours with these synthetic fiber brushes which closely resemble the "snap" of sable hair. Taklon offers easy clean-up and long life.
FB-2 No. 2 (3/32") $5.50
FB-3 No. 3 (5/32") $6.00
FB-5 No. 5 (1/4") $6.50
FB-7 No. 7 (5/16") $7.00
FB-10 No. 10 (3/8") $8.00
FB-12 No. 12 (7/16") $9.00
Dome Eye Shadow Brushes
Subtle, delicate brush for eye shadow application or undereye concealing. Rounded corners provide soft edges.Taklon.
DB-8 Medium $8.00
DB-12 Wide $9.00
Angle Shadow Brushes
Precise angled application for eye shadow, eye liner, brow coloring and lipstick. Taklon.
AB-4 Medium $7.00
AB-8 Wide $8.00
Custom Round Brushes
Use the RS-1 and RS-2 to expertly line eyes, etch brows or apply fine details with Liquid or MagiCake Paints. RS-0 is Sable, RS-1 and RS-2 are Taklon.
RS-0 Extra Fine Point $5.00
RS-1 Fine Point $6.00
RS-2 Small Point $6.50
RS-10 Large $12.00
Foundation and Contouring Brushes
Rounded, tapered edges and soft synthetic fibers provide exceptional versatility and blending qualities. Excellent for application of creme-style foundations, Neutralizers, pressed colors, liquids and wet cakes, including Lumières.The FCB-20 Foundation and FCB-24 Wide Foundation Brushes blend creme-style foundations to a sheer, smooth finish. Taklon.
FCB-16 Medium Contour 9/16" $12.00
FCB-18 Wide Contour 3/4" $14.00
FCB-20 7/8" Foundation $18.00
FCB-24 1-1/8" Wide Foundation $24.00
Fine Detail Brushes
Petite Powder :
A great shape for applying Luxe Powders, glitter, powder or pressed colors to face and eyes. FDB-1 / Pony.
Tapered Point Brush: For blending and contouring of eye shadows, Lumière, powders and glitter. FDB-2 Medium, FDB-3 Small / Pony Blend.
Petite Shader: Small round-edged brush for delicate powder detailing. FDB-4 / Ox Blend.
Medium Blender: Soft, but firm chiseled-edge bristles for precise, even finish of powders. FDB-5 / Sable.
Lip Brush: Finely tapered, petite shape for defined application of lip colors and glosses. FDB-7 Lip Brush with Cover, FDB-71 Compact Lip Brush / Taklon.
FDB-1 Petite Powder $10.00
FDB-2 Medium Tapered Point $10.00
FDB-3 Small Tapered Point $9.00
FDB-4 Petite Shader $10.00
FDB-5 Medium Blender $12.00
FDB-6 Petite Filbert $10.00
FDB-7 2 Pc. Lip Brush (With Cover) $12.00
FDB-71 Compact Lip Brush (4.75") $6.00
FDB-8 Medium Smudge Brush $10.00
FDB-9 Mini Flat Liner $10.00
FDB-95 Small Fan Brush $10.00
Dry Rouge Brushes/Powder Brush
Personal Rouge Brush. Full bristled, short-handled personal size rouge brush.Goat.
RB-2: Professional Rouge. Generous, full shape provides quick application of powders to face and body. Goat Blend.
RB-3: Touch-Up. Beveled shape for precise powder application, especially useful around eye area. Goat Blend.
RB-4: Angle Contour. Great for touch-ups and precise application of face powders, glitters, rouge or shadows. Goat Blend.
RB-5: Contour Shader. Generous precise application of rouge, pressed contour powders and shimmer powders. Goat Blend.
PA-1: Powder Brush. Luxurious hair deftly adds powder or gently removes excess without disturbing makeup. Goat Blend.
RB-11 Short Handle $4.00
RB-2 Professional $13.00
RB-3 Touch-up Brush $13.00
RB-4 Angle Rouge Brush $12.00
RB-5 Contour Shader $13.00
PA-1 Powder Brush $24.00