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Spotlight Costumes, LLC
1503 E. Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Whether creating structure for dramatic stage or softly defining features for beauty, contouring is essential for every makeup. Artists around the world rely on our palette of cremes for consistency, blendability and versatility.

Item SKU No. Description Price Order
Creme Cheek Rouge .25oz./7gm.
Apply Creme Rouge to accentuate radiance on cheeks, and to alter or deepen facial contours. Highly pigmented formulation assures versatility for intense coverage or natural subtlety. Expect 35-125 applications.
CR-0 Carnation Pink $6.00
CR-1 Red $6.00
CR-2 Dusty Rose $6.00
CR-3 Sandy Rose $6.00
CR-35 Natural $6.00
CR-38 Dusty Mauve $6.00
CR-4 Raspberry $6.00
CR-5 Dark Tech $6.00
CR-7 Coral $6.00
CR-8 Blush Coral $6.00
CR-9 Red Rocks $6.00
Creme Brown Shadow .25oz./7gm.
Ben Nye, Sr. designed his remarkable shadow palette to both improve and distort facial features. For corrective applications, subtle shadows streamline a full face or crooked nose. Highly pigmented colors provide intense color for dramatic effects, or blend easily for close-up, subtle application. Expect 35-125 applications.
CS-11 Natural Brown $6.00
CS-21 Contour Brown $6.00
CS-3 Character Shadow $6.00
CS-4 Dark Brown $6.00
CS-5 Extra Dark $6.00
CS-6 Midnite Brown $6.00
Creme Highlight .25oz./7gm.
Apply to improve, correct or change facial features. Brighter tones, such as CH-0 Ultralite, instantly create the appearance of bags, jowls and crow's feet when used in tandem with shadows. Warmer shades diminish under-eye discoloration. Expect 35-125 applications.
CH-0 Ultralite $6.00
CH-01 Natural Lite $6.00
CH-1 Extra Lite $6.00
CH-2 Lite $6.00
CH-6 Dark $6.00
Creme Colors .25oz./7gm.
Our richly pigmented Creme Colors are ideal primary and secondary accent shades to create whimsical, dramatic, animal, clown or fantasy makeups. Apply to bare skin or blend. Some colors may temporarily stain. Expect 35-125 applications.
CL-1 White $6.00
CL-2 Forest Green $6.00
CL-211 Kelly Green $6.00
CL-3 Green $6.00
CL-31 Army Green $6.00
CL-32 Lime Green $6.00
CL-33 Gecko Green $6.00
CL-4 Bright Pink $6.00
CL-5 Yellow $6.00
CL-6 Goldenrod $6.00
CL-61 Desert Tan $6.00
CL-7 Orange $6.00
CL-70 Special Orange $6.00
CL-8 Mauve $6.00
CL-9 Sunburn Stipple $6.00
CL-10 Dark Sunburn $6.00
CL-11 Cinnamon $6.00
CL-12 Copper Brown $6.00
CL-13 Fire Red $6.00
CL-130 Special Red $6.00
CL-131 Fresh Cut $6.00
CL-14 Blood Red $6.00
CL-15 Maroon $6.00
CL-16 Vivid Violet $6.00
CL-17 Misty Violet $6.00
CL-18 Purple $6.00
CL-19 Blue $6.00
CL-191 Cosmic Blue $6.00
CL-20 Turquoise $6.00
CL-21 Peacock Blue $6.00
CL-22 Sky Blue $6.00
CL-23 Blue-Grey $6.00
CL-25 Steel Grey $6.00
CL-26 Grey $6.00
CL-27 Beard Stipple $6.00
CL-28 Coal $6.00
CL-29 Black $6.00