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Spotlight Costumes, LLC
1503 E. Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Contour, shape and style the eyes with this distinctive makeup collection of pressed colors. Palettes offer convenience and infinite design possibilities.

Item SKU No. Description Price Order
Pressed Colour Palettes .96oz./28gm. - Refillable
ESP4, ESP-8, ESP-12 Empty Palette (Refills sold separately.)
ESP-912 8 color Essential Eye Shadow
(ER-302, ER-314, ER-50, ER-37, ER-99, ER-98, ER-36, ER-595)
ESP-914 8 color Theatrical Eye Shadow
(ER-30, ER-34, ER-50, ER-35,ER-72, ER-80, ER-57, ER-99)
ESP-952 12 Color Essential Eye Shadow & Rouge
(ER-302, ER-314, ER-50, ER-56, ER-36, ER-99, DDR-75, DDR-74, DDR-21, DDR-73, DDR-162, DDR-72)
ESP-954 12 Color Glam Eye Shadow
(ER-314, ER-318, ER-35, ER-36, ER-98, ER-86, ER-37, ER-538, ER-595, ER-78, ER-782, ER-99)

Pressed Eye Shadow .12oz./3.5gm.
Our silky Eye Shadow texture assures velvety smooth application. Shadows are packaged in a convenient container with practical hinged cover. For subtle liner or dramatic smoky effects, apply Shadow with our useful Angle Brush. Shadows may also be applied wet. Expect 25-150 applications.


ES-30 White $10.00
ES-302 Vanilla $10.00
ES-31 Toast $10.00
ES-312 Banana $10.00
ES-314 Shell $10.00
ES-318 Au Naturelle $10.00
ES-319 Honey $10.00
ES-32 Santa Fe $10.00
ES-332 Misty Lilac $10.00
ES-34 Taupe $10.00
ES-35 Cobblestone $10.00
ES-36 Smokey Taupe $10.00
ES-37 Mink Stole $10.00
ES-391 Apricot $10.00
ES-40 Spice $10.00
ES-50 Cork $10.00
ES-52 Mocha $10.00
ES-538 Coco Brown $10.00
ES-54 Dark Brown $10.00
ES-56 Espresso $10.00
ES-57 Twilight Sable $10.00
ES-59 Rich Suede $10.00
ES-595 Black-Brown $10.00
ES-62 Mossberry $10.00
ES-66 Lemon $10.00
ES-68 Shamrock $10.00
ES-69 Caribbean $10.00
ES-71 Turquoise $10.00
ES-72 Raisin $10.00
ES-75 Black Plum $10.00
ES-76 Burgundy $10.00
ES-78 Brownberry $10.00
ES-782 Eggplant $10.00
ES-784 Crushed Grape $10.00
ES-80 Deep Violet $10.00
ES-82 Royal Purple $10.00
ES-84 Bahama Blue $10.00
ES-86 Twilight Blue $10.00
ES-88 Celestial Bleu $10.00
ES-90 Navy Blue $10.00
ES-93 Cinderella Blue $10.00
ES-95 Blue Grey $10.00
ES-97 Greystone $10.00
ES-98 Graphite $10.00
ES-99 Black $10.00

Pearl Sheen Shadows .06oz./1.7gm.
Draw attention to eyes, face and body with these shimmering pressed colors. Light, silky texture provides just the right amount of glimmer for delicate highlights or dramatic contouring. Expect 35-125 applications.


PS-1 White $8.00
PS-5 Ultra Violet $8.00
PS-6 Sapphire $8.00
PS-9 Rose $8.00
PS-12 Mango $8.00
PS-13 Walnut $8.00
PS-14 Copper $8.00
PS-15 Gold $8.00
PS-16 White Gold $8.00
PS-18 Bronze $8.00
PS-19 Silver Grey $8.00
PS-20 Sea Blue $8.00
PS-21 Charcoal $8.00
PS-22 Turquoise $8.00