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Spotlight Costumes, LLC
1503 E. Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Accentuate cheeks with Ben Nye’s Powder Cheek Rouges. Apply flattering tints on the face and body to enhance facial contours and add a healthy, nautral glow. Generously pigmented and formulated for blendability.

Item SKU No. Description Price Order
ESP-922 Fashion Rouge Palette 8 Colors
(DDR-75, DDR-74, DDR-21, DDR-73, DDR-162, DDR-72, DDR-23, DDR-61)
ESP-924 Theatrical Rouge Palette 8 Colors
(DDR-1, DDR-3, DDR-9, DDR-111, DDR-23, DDR-7, DDR-61, DDR-17)

Powder Rouge .12oz./3.5gm.
Dust on lightly for a natural glow or apply deeper hues beneath the cheeks for dramatic contouring. Get expert results by applying with Rouge or Powder Brushes. Use the Petite Powder Brush for delicate coloring on high points of nose and cheeks. Expect 25-150 applications.


CDS-1 Soleil Red $10.00
CDS-2 Red Hot $10.00
DR-1 Flame Red $10.00
DR-2 Coral Red $10.00
DR-3 Raspberry $10.00
DR-4 Fuchsia $10.00
DR-5 Brick Red $10.00
DR-6 Misty Pink $10.00
DR-61 Victorian Rose $10.00
DR-7 Coral $10.00
DR-71 Desert Coral $10.00
DR-72 Fresh Coral $10.00
DR-722 Sweet Peach $10.00
DR-73 Vintage Rose $10.00
DR-74 Blushing Bride $10.00
DR-75 Nectarine $10.00
DR-9 Dark Tech $10.00
DR-97 Orange Zest $10.00
DR-10 Chestnut $10.00
DR-11 Passion Purple $10.00
DR-111 Purple Haze $10.00
DR-114 Wild Orchid $10.00
DR-12 Pink Blush $10.00
DR-13 Natural Blush $10.00
DR-14 Latté $10.00
DR-15 Coco Rose $10.00
DR-16 Cool Pink $10.00
DR-162 Pink Bliss $10.00
DR-164 Strawberry $10.00
DR-166 Perfect Rose $10.00
Dr-168 Just Pink $10.00
DR-17 Red-Brown $10.00
DR-21 Dusty Pink $10.00
DR-22 Nectar Peach $10.00
DR-23 Golden Amber $10.00
DC-01 Contour No. 1 $10.00
DC-02 Contour No. 2 $10.00