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Spotlight Costumes, LLC
1503 E. Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Matte Foundations offer a versatile blend of high pigmentation and natural coloring in a light, silky texture. Superb color selection for all skin types. .5oz./14gm. Expect 35-60 applications.

Essential Foundation Palette
12 colors/Net Wt. 1.69oz./48gm. (Refillable).
Item SKU No. Description Price Order
LFP-12 (RCE-1, RCE-3, RPP-42, RBE-1, RBE-5, RIS-18, ROB-1, RNO-5, RSH-3, RSA-1, RSA-5, RSA-11) 60.00
Olive-Brown Foundation Palette
12 colors/Net Wt. 1.69oz./48gm. (Refillable).
Item SKU No. Description Price Order
BFP-12 (RMH-02, RNO-7, RMA-1, RSA-1, RMH-08, RMH-10, RSA-5, RMH-12, RMH-14, RSA-11, RMH-16, RMH-20) $60.00
Modern Media Series
MM-104 Pale Bisque $12.00
MM-108 Cameo Beige $12.00
MM-112 Silky Peach $12.00
MM-124 Blush Beige $12.00
MM-134 Shell Pink $12.00
MM-495 Vanilla Almond $12.00
MM-497 Pale Honey $12.00
MM-507 Chamonix $12.00
MM-571 Rich Olive $12.00
MM-573 Deep Bronze $12.00
Bella (BEL) Series
BEL-010 Bella 010 $12.00
BEL-001 Bella 001 $12.00
BEL-002 Bella 002 $12.00
BEL-003 Bella 003 $12.00
BEL-004 Bella 004 $12.00
Bamboo (BO) Series
BO-0 Bamboo 0 $12.00
BO1 Bamboo 1 $12.00
BO-2 Bamboo 2 $12.00
BO-3 Bamboo 3 $12.00
BO-4 Bamboo 4 $12.00
Radiant Olive (RO) Series
RO-1 Radiant Olive 1 $12.00
RO-2 Radiant Olive 2 $12.00
RO-3 Radiant Olive 3 $12.00
RO-4 Radiant Olive 4 $12.00
Ciné (CE) Series
Neutral shades designed without excessive warmth or "redness" for very fair to tan beige European skin tones.
CE-1 Fairest $12.00
CE-2 Fair $12.00
CE-3 Light Beige $12.00
CE-5 Beige $12.00
CE-7 Light Tan $12.00
CE-9 Tan $12.00
Soft Beige (BE) Series
An attractive palette ranging from fair to mid-beige with a hint of warmth.
BE-1 Cameo $12.00
BE-3 Natural Beige $12.00
BE-5 Warm Sand $12.00
Shinsei (SH) Series
One of our most popular series originally designed for Asian and olive complexions, Shinsei shades offer attractive neutrality and subtle color for a variety of skin tones.
SH-0 Ivory $12.00
SH-1 Fairest $12.00
SH-2 Fair $12.00
SH-3 Medium $12.00
SH-4 Deep $12.00
Olive Beige (OB) Series
Beige shades with a hint of olive.
OB-1 Olive Beige 1 $12.00
OB-2 Olive Beige 2 $12.00
OB-3 Olive Beige 3 $12.00
OB-4 Olive Beige 4 $12.00
Beige Natural (BN) Series
Complimentary beige shades for medium skin tones.
BN-1 Beige Natural 1 $12.00
BN-2 Beige Natural 2 $12.00
BN-3 Beige Natural 3 $12.00
BN-4 Beige Natural 4 $12.00
Natural Olive (NO) Series
Golden-olive tones popular for makeup artists and performers who desire a neutral palette. Shades may be used effectively as an underbase to tone down redness.
NO-1 Pale Biscotte $12.00
NO-3 Biscotte $12.00
NO-5 Brulée $12.00
NO-7 Soft Caramel $12.00
NO-9 Tan Brulée $12.00
International (IS) Series
This special series offers a wide range of our most popular natural fair, olive and subtle tan shades.
IS-00 White Velvet $12.00
IS-1 Special White $12.00
IS-3 Pure Ivory $12.00
IS-8 Bare Beige $12.00
IS-18 Olive Tan $12.00
IS-21 Wheat $12.00
IS-35 Chinois Medium $12.00
IS-41 Soleil $12.00
Sahara (SA) Series
Natural olive-brown shades for African-American performers. Colors also perform well as a tan alternative for fair skin.
SA-1 Au Lait $12.00
SA-2 Golden Latté $12.00
SA-3 Latté $12.00
SA-5 Mocha $12.00
SA-7 Sumatra $12.00
SA-9 Java $12.00
SA-11 Espresso $12.00
Ciniora (CN) Series
Neutral shades suitable for fair to light-olive skin tones.
CN-0 Ultra $12.00
CN-010 Trés Clair $12.00
CN-001 Clair $12.00
CN-002 Barely Beige $12.00
CN-003 True Beige $12.00
CN-004 Dune $12.00
Classic Matte Series
EB-1 Naturelle $12.00
EB-6 Naturelle Buff $12.00
N-1 Fair $12.00
N-3 Buff $12.00
SO-1 Special Light Olive 1 $12.00
SO-2 Special Light Olive 2 $12.00
WO-1 Warm Olive 1 $12.00
FT-1 Pale English $12.00
FT-6 Tawny $12.00
FT-8 Mocha Créme $12.00
FT-13 Golden Ebony $12.00
Mohave Matte Series
MH-02 Almond $12.00
MH-04 Pecan $12.00
MH-06 Praline $12.00
MH-07 Rio Tan $12.00
MH-08 Golden Spice $12.00
MH-10 Coco Sorbet $12.00
MH-11 Brazil Nut $12.00
MH-12 Mojave Bronze $12.00
MH-14 Brown Suede $12.00
MH-16 Semi-Sweet $12.00
MH-18 Coco Soufflé $12.00
MH-20 Espresso Bean $12.00