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Spotlight Costumes, LLC
1503 E. Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Translucent Powder sets creme makeups for a durable, soft matte finish. Seven shades are available from subtle Fair to warm dark browns.

Item SKU No. Description Price Order
Fair Translucent
TP-1 1.75oz./49gm. Shaker Bottle $7.00
TP-2 3.5oz./99gm. Shaker Bottle $9.00
TP-21 8oz./226gm. Jar $15.00
Neutral Set Translucent
This colorless powder blends with all skin tones, and retains the intensity of bright and dark shades. Special formula controls perspiration, making this perfect for high energy performers such as clowns or dancers.
TP-5 1.75oz./49gm. Shaker Bottle $7.00
TP-6 3oz./85gm. Shaker Bottle $9.00
TP-61 8oz./226gm. Jar $15.00
Super White
Our only non-translucent powder contains bright white pigment to brighten White, Geisha, Porcelain and other very fair shades.
TP-7 1.75oz./49gm. Shaker Bottle $7.00
TP-8 3oz./85gm. Shaker Bottle $9.00
TP-81 8oz./226gm. Jar $15.00
Pretty Pink Translucent
TP-89 1.5oz./42gm. Shaker Bottle $7.00
TP-9 3oz./85gm. Shaker Bottle $9.00
TP-91 8oz./226gm. Jar $15.00
Topaz Translucent
TP-3 1.5oz./42gm. Shaker Bottle $7.00
TP-4 3oz./85gm. Shaker Bottle $9.00
Sienna Translucent
TP-47 1.75oz./49gm. Shaker Bottle $7.00
TP-48 3.5oz./99gm. Shaker Bottle $9.00
Chestnut Translucent
TP-42 1.75oz./49gm. Shaker Bottle $7.00
TP-43 3.5oz./99gm. Shaker Bottle $9.00
Cocoa Tan
TP-44 1.75oz./49gm. Shaker Bottle $6.00
TP-45 3.5oz./99gm. Shaker Bottle $8.00
Ebony Translucent
TP-52 1.75oz./49gm. Shaker Bottle $7.00
TP-53 3.5oz./99gm. Shaker Bottle $9.00
Mini Face Powders .9oz./25gm.-1oz./28gm.
MP-1 Fair $6.00
MP-2 Neutral Set $6.00
MP-3 Super White $6.00