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Spotlight Costumes, LLC
1503 E. Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203


Item SKU No. Description Price Order
Precision Eye Liner .034 oz./1 ml.
PEL-1 Ink Black $18.00
PEL-2 Dark Brown $18.00
Eye Liner Pencils 4.75" Length
Our Pencils offer eye appealing opacity in a moist, creamy texture. Smudge with brush or swab for a softer, subtle line. Powder lightly for added durability. 4.75" Length, .04oz./1.13gm. Expect 50-175 applications.
EP-85 Espresso (Dark Brown) $9.50
EP-90 Onyx (Black) $9.50
Eyebrow Pencils 7" Length
Eyebrow Pencils quickly enhance brow contours. Moist, yet firm texture holds a precise point when sharpened. .05oz./1.4gm. Expect 50-200 applications.
EP-0 White $6.00
EP-1 Light Brown $6.00
EP-2 Auburn $6.00
EP-3 Taupe $6.00
EP-4 Medium Brown $6.00
EP-5 Dark Brown $6.00
EP-7 Black Brown $6.00
EP-9 Black $6.00
MediaPRO Eye Definers (Creme Eye Liner)
SL-9 Black $10.00
SL-11 Espresso $10.00
SL-12 Aubegine $10.00
SL-14 Taupe $10.00
SL-16 Soft Grey $10.00
MediaPRO Eye Definers Stack Net Wt. 1.75 oz./10 gm.
SLS-5 5 colors: SL-9, SL-11, SL-12, SL-14, SL-16 $30.00
Cake Eye Liner .07oz./2gm.
Apply with a RS-0 or RS-1 Round Brush and water for smudge-proof lining. Excellent for beauty, masquerade, clown or animal designs. For greater durability, apply with LiquiSet Sealer. 07oz./2gm. Expect 50-250 applications.

EL-0 White $8.00
EL-1 Black $8.00
EL-11 Black (Professional Size) .18oz./5.5gm. $11.00
EL-2 Charcoal $8.00
EL-4 Dark Brown $8.00
EL-41 Dark Brown (Professional Size) .18oz./5.5gm. $11.00
EL-5 Brown $8.00
EL-55 Taupe $8.00
EL-6 Eggplant $8.00
EL-7 Electric Blue $8.00
Liquid Eye Liner (Water Resistant) .38fl. oz./11.3ml.
Easily line eyes with our creamy, highly pigmented formula. Smudge and water-resistant. Fine brush allows for quick, precise detailing. Expect 35-100 applications.
LE-0 White $8.00
LE-1 Ebony (Black) $8.00
LE-2 Dark Brown $8.00
Mascara .31fl. oz./9.3ml.
Coat lashes and intensify color with our Black and Brown Mascaras. Style brows, or facial hair with Clear Mascara. White Mascara quickly ages facial hair, sideburns and temple areas. Generous spiral brush assures precise application. Water-resistant formula. Expect 50-100 applications.
LM-0 White $9.00
LM-1 Black $9.00
LM-2 Brown $9.00
LM-3 Clear (.35 fl. oz./10.3ml.) $9.00
LM-4 Taupe $9.00
LM-5 Auburn $9.00
LM-6 Electric Blue $9.00
LM-7 Royal Purple $9.00
LM-8 Aubergine $9.00
LM-9 Bahama Blue $9.00