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Spotlight Costumes, LLC
1503 E. Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Civilian and military EMT trainers endorse Ben Nye's Professional Moulage kit for practical ease of use and graphic results. Comprehensive components include all the makeup materials and tools needed to create hundreds of simulated lacerations, burns, abrasions, broken bones, cyanosis and more casualty scenarios. Trainers from the U.S. Coast Guard, Army and ER Nurses assisted in developing specialty shades and materials for maximum effect. Components are packed in heavy-duty carrying case for easy transport.

Item SKU No. Description Price Order
MK-1 Professional EMS Moulage Kit Contents: Trauma Simulation Guide, Three-color Trauma Simulation, Six-color Master Disaster, (2) Six-color Master Bruise and (2) Four-color Burns & Blisters Wheels, (2) Cyanosis and (1) Cyanosis Grey Foundations, Fair, Olive, and Brown Foundations, Gel Wound Kit, 32 oz. Stage Blood, (2) 2oz. Stage Bloods, Blood Powder Concentrate, Thick Blood, Red and Purple Pressed Bruise Colors, Modeling Wax (Fair), Charcoal Powder, Liquid Latex, (2) Glycerin, (2) Jagged Cut, (6) Bullet Holes, 1" Exit Wound and 4" Laceration Prosthetics, (2) Neutral Set Powders, (2) Final Seal Makeup Sealers, (3) Spirit Gum Adhesive, Remove-it-All Remover, Scissors, (2) Wooden Modeling Tools, (4) FB-10 Flat Brushes, (4) FB-7 Flat Brushes, (2) Rouge Brushes, Foam Sponges, Stipple Sponges, Powder Puffs, Cotton Swabs, Cotton Balls, Wooden Tongue Depressors, (2) Spritzer Bottles, Carrying Case.
MK-1 Professional Moulage Kit $450.00
MK-3 Basic EMS Moulage Kit Contents: Trauma Simulation Guide, Six-color Master Bruise Wheel, Four-color Burns & Blister Wheel, Cyanosis Foundation, Stage Blood, Gelatin Blood Capsules (10 Pack), Thick Blood, Modeling Wax (Fair), Simulated Bone Wax, Liquid Latex, Charcoal Powder, Plains Dust, Neutral Set Powder, Reusable 2" Latex Laceration, (2) Spirit Gum Adhesive, Spirit Gum Remover, Quick Cleanse Makeup Remover, Brushes, Foam Sponges, Stipple Sponges, Powder Puffs, Modeling Tool, Cotton Swabs, Carrying Case.
MK-3 Basic Moulage Kit $95.00