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Spotlight Costumes, LLC
1503 E. Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Products and colors are specifically designed to keep these busy performers at their brightest whenever they entertain.

Item SKU No. Description Price Order
Clown White
Our highly pigmented stunning white formula is a favorite among professionals. Active clowns prefer Clown White's soft, easy to apply texture and bright, long-wearing finish. Expect 5-10 faces per ounce.
CW-1 .65oz./18gm. $3.50
CW-2 1.75oz./49gm. $5.50
CW-3 3oz./85gm. $7.50
CW-4 8oz./227gm. $14.00
CW-5 16oz./454gm. $20.00
Clown White Lite
Great for performers who prefer a lighter texture and bright white finish. Many clowns say it holds up to wrinkles and remains durable under hot, humid conditions. Expect 75-125 full faces per ounce.
FP-102 1oz./28gm. $12.00
FP-202 2.5oz./70gm. $14.00
Professional Creme Colors 1oz./28gm.
Busy entertainers favor our large, economically priced Pro Clown Series. Creme shades are easy to apply and richly pigmented for long wear. Packaged in attractive clear container. Expect 75-125 full faces per ounce.
FP-10 Big Top Auguste $12.00
FP-100 Auguste $12.00
FP-101 Light Auguste $12.00
FP-103 Fire Red $12.00
FP-104 True Red $12.00
FP-105 Bright Pink $12.00
FP-106 Blue $12.00
FP-107 Black $12.00
FP-108 Yellow $12.00
FP-109 Blue Spirit $12.00
FP-110 Kelly Green $12.00
FP-111 Ogre Green $12.00
FP-112 Grey $12.00
FP-114 Orange $12.00
FP-116 Purple $12.00
MagiColor Creme Pencils .04oz./1.13gm.
Our pencil texture is creamy without being too soft. Resplendent color selection for clowning, face painting, animal and fantasy. For a "finepoint", use our Single Hole Pencil Sharpener. .04oz./1.13gm. Expect 30-75 applications.
MC-1 Black $6.00
MC-2 Fire Red $6.00
MC-3 Ruby Red $6.00
MC-4 White $6.00
MC-5 Blue $6.00
MC-8 Violet $6.00
MC-11 Bright Orange $6.00
MC-14 Warm Brown $6.00
MC-15 Character Shadow $6.00
MC-18 Misty Violet $6.00
MC-19 Cosmic Blue $6.00
MC-20 Turquoise $6.00
MC-23 Kelly Green $6.00
MagiColor Creme Crayons
Our Creme Crayons pack a lot of punch . . . and a load of color! Perfect for well placed strokes, and voila, your design is complete. Good for fast touch-ups, too. Shape up with our Dual Hole Sharpener. .05oz./1.4gm.-.089oz./2.5gm. Expect 30-75 applications.
MJ-1 Bold Red .1oz./2.5gm. $10.00
MJ-2 Velvet Black .05oz./1.4gm. $10.00
MJ-3 Bright Blue .05oz./1.4gm. $10.00
MJ-4 White .05oz./1.4gm. $10.00
MJ-5 True Red .089oz./2.5gm. $10.00
Creme Color Palettes 6 Colors (Refillable) .84oz./24gm. Net. Wt.
Each Palette includes clown favorites and a useful flat brush. Creme Palette Refills are available for each Palette shade listed below. Expect 75-300 applications per kit.

LKP-2 Shades: RCL-1, RCL-13, RCL-19, RPP-10, RPP-101, RCL-29.
LKP-1 Primary Palette (RCL-29, 1, 19, 9, 3, RCR-01) $27.00
Character Makeup Wheels .5oz./14gm.
Create any character with just a spark of imagination and our indispensable Character Wheels. Two to four shades each. Expect 24-100 designs per Wheel.
WK-11 Clown $13.00
WK-21 Vampire $13.00
WK-51 Red White & Black $13.00
Creme Character Bases .4oz./11gm.
Over the years, Ben Nye, Sr. designed a nearly endless cast of remarkable looking characters. Today, anyone can turn heads with these unique character shades. Expect 10-35 designs.
CB-1 Vampira $5.00
CB-2 Vampire $5.00
CB-3 Skeleton White $5.00
CB-4 Old Character $5.00
CB-6 Witch $5.00
CB-7 Werewolf Brown $5.00
CB-8 Ghoul Grey $5.00
Creme Color Stack-Ups .17oz./5gm.
Complete every makeup assignment with class. Our Creme Colors are conveniently packaged in handy stackable pots. Expect 4-35 designs per shade.
SP-1 White $3.50
SP-2 Black $3.50
SP-3 Fire Red $3.50
SP-31 Blood Red $3.50
SP-4 Blue $3.50
SP-41 Cosmic Blue $3.50
SP-5 Green $3.50
SP-6 Yellow $3.50
SP-7 Orange $3.50
SP-8 Grey $3.50
SP-9 Bright Pink $3.50
Creme Color Stack
SP-100 5 Colors .85oz./25gm. Colors: SP-1, SP- 2, SP-3, SP-4, SP-6. Expect 20-175 designs per stack. $12.00
Red Foam Noses
RN-1 1.5" Diameter $1.50
RN-3 2" Diameter $2.00